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While we are not able to accept unsolicited manuscripts for our print publication, we are regularly on the lookout for engaging, thoughtful and short pieces for our blog. We theme each month on the blog, and submissions are due the 15th of the month before publication. As a rule, we publish an author only once per month, with rare exceptions. We’re also interested in short audio and video pieces, as well.

You can read our blog themes, guidelines and requirements here.

All queries for inclusion in our blog line up must include writing samples, headshot, bio and an explanation of why your writing would be a good fit for the blog. Please read the blog thoroughly in order to understand the tone and style of engagement—it is very different from the journal itself. We do not compensate for blog submissions.

No Unsolicited Manuscripts

Thank you for your interest in writing for Conversations. Due to the advanced planning of issue themes and writers for our publication, we are unable to accept unsolicited manuscripts at this time. However, we’ve included some of our editorial guidelines below for your information, and because, occasionally we have found a few good writers this way. Please note, submission doesn’t guarantee review or publication. Our editors reserve the right to refrain from providing feedback for each article or query submitted. For more information about issue themes or further direction please contact our Managing Editor, Joannah Sadler via email or phone 404-835-6128.


A Few Thoughts On Writing For Conversations,
Once We Have Solicited An Article From You

  • Keep the target audience for the journal in mind—all thoughtful, seeking followers of Christ who long for a complete transformation of soul and full restoration of His image within. It is the intent of the editors to produce words that will inspire both those who seek help themselves and those who are helping others. The audience is also envisioned as being international, ecumenical, and interdenominational.
  • Keep the vision of the journal in mind—epitomized by the image of a table where representatives from each of the major tributaries of Christian spirituality sit and talk openly and honestly about authentic transformation into the life and character of Christ.
  • Check back issues for tone and approach, also style of references (footnotes, not endnotes). If you do not have access to a back issue, they can be consulted at the Conversations web site at where other helpful information will also be found.
  • The tone of all articles should be accessible (not academic) and engaging. Again, think of yourself in conversation with others on the journey and don’t assume that they are of the same spiritual tribe as you.
  • All articles should be between 2500 and 3500 words (references included). Each also needs a 1 or 2 sentence short biographical sketch of the author at the end.
  • Additionally, a digital picture of the author(s) (not less than 300 dpi) must be submitted to the Managing Editor by e-mail. Discuss any problems in arranging for this picture with the Managing Editor. It is due the same time as the article.
  • Articles should be given a title that is both engaging and descriptive. Additionally, subheadings should be used throughout the article—most articles employing between 3 and 5 subheadings.
  • Articles should be typed in Times New Roman 12, left justified, 1.5 spacing, extra line between paragraphs, first sentence flush left. Do not use tabs; indents should be unnecessary.
  • Finally, we greatly appreciate your interest in writing for Conversations Journal. However, please be aware that even though you submit an article for consideration, this does not guarantee its publication.
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