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Life With The Brothers

“The monastic life is, above all, a life of prayer.” Thomas Merton, Contemplative Prayer Several months ago, Gary Moon invited me to contribute to Conversations: Gifts From the Monastery. “Several writers will spend a week-long retreat at monasteries from various...

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Jonathan Edwards & Formation

An Interview with Kyle Strobel Can you, in one sentence, tell me what Formed for the Glory of God is about? I’ll try! Formed for the Glory of God is a vision of spiritual formation and practice oriented by the God of love, beauty and affection; a God calling us to...

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Kingdom of Cardboard and Spoils

If I’m the king of all I survey, then I am the king of cardboard and spoils. My kingdom is a noisy, windowless room in the back of a Trader Joe’s grocery store. Here are the haphazard stacks of empty cardboard boxes. Here is the giant box baler. Here are the shopping...

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Getting Below The Waterline

In the days following my husband’s death, I desperately sought God’s comfort in the Scriptures. After an eleven-year battle with Multiple Sclerosis and all the humiliation, fear, hardship, and losses that go with it, my faith was on the fragile side. I needed solace,...

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