Thick Christianity: Bonus Content

If you enjoyed Chris Jensen’s Thick Christianity: C.S Lewis, Transformation and the Ancient Doctrine of Theosis as much as we did, we know that you’ll also enjoy digging deeper into the story of God’s work within us.

These two resources by Chris Jensen, the first an article from the Road to Emmaus journal called “Shine Like the Son” and the second, a radio interview on Ancient Faith Radio during the “Illumined Heart” program, are sure to inform and inspire.

If you’d like to read an excerpt from the original Chris Jensen article, please click here.

Please click here, or on the image above to download
“Shine As The Sun: The Doctrine of Deification”

To listen to the podcast with Chris Jensen on Ancient Faith radio, please click the “play” button on the media player below or visit Ancient Faith Radio’s “Illumined Heart.”

[flashvideo file=audio/ih_2009-02-13_pc.m4a height=24 width=600 /]

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