Getting Physical

So sport is currently a running commentary in my life right now.

Recently, I bought a new bike and have been enjoying cycling out on some country lanes here in the UK. I have been relishing the sense of well being that exercise, raising your heart-rate and good old fresh air bring.  Yesterday, I got an email from the London Olympics confirming that I have been one of the lucky ones and have four tickets for ‘Artistic Gymnastics’ (OK, not the most exciting event in my mind, my two young girls are very excited—but I would happily trade them in for the 100metres final if anyone wants to swap!?)


Soothing The Soul

Since the age of 12 when my grandmother introduced me to the outlandish and extravagant 1958 film, Auntie Mame, I have been an avid lover of film and television classics. In fact, I have often remarked jokingly to family and friends that I was born in the wrong century, for my preferences, mannerisms, and demeanor tend decidedly toward the old-fashioned.


What I’m Not Watching

Uh . . . it’s not viewing that is forming my soul. I gave up watching television several years ago, sort of by accident. I was already upset by how I woke up every morning thinking about murder after watching reruns of Law and Order. I’d also had a spiritual director for ten years who didn’t watch television. He had a sense of peace I needed.


A World Without WiFi

Thanks to a gift, we own the entire TV series of M*A*S*H, the fictitious Mobile Army Surgical Hospital unit during the Korean War. In one episode, a movie night was scheduled to shore up morale. The film kept breaking and while Klinger would attempt to splice the pieces together, the soldiers would entertain themselves by singing and improvising verses to the song, doing impersonations, and telling jokes.


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