What I’m Not Watching

Uh . . . it’s not viewing that is forming my soul. I gave up watching television several years ago, sort of by accident. I was already upset by how I woke up every morning thinking about murder after watching reruns of Law and Order. I’d also had a spiritual director for ten years who didn’t watch television. He had a sense of peace I needed.


The Painted Veil

Editor’s Note: As we move into June, we switch blog topics from “What have you been reading that’s forming your soul?” to “What have you been viewing (art, movies, television, etc.) that has been forming your soul?” Our intrepid bloggers have lots to say on this subject, and don’t always agree. We’d love for you to join in the conversation. What have you been viewing that’s forming your soul?


“Eat, Pray, Love” or Lectio?

With the incredible popularity of the book (and now the movie) Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert, many would-be prayer dropouts are seeking an experience of God. In their dialogue in the most recent issue of Conversations, Dr. David Benner and Dr. Gary Moon offer a conversation around Benner’s book “Opening to God” that would have saved Elizabeth Gilbert time, money and the flood of inoculations that are required for traveling to India and Indonesia.

Benner is transparent when he states, “My experience of that openness is far from constant… the moments when I have known this openness are rarer than I’d like, but they leave a taste I can never forget.”

Elizabeth Gilbert ate her way through Italy and ended up buying larger jeans to accommodate her ravenous appetite for all things Italian. In Benner’s dialogue on the impact of the feeling of alignment with God the wholeness and the sense of belonging he declares, “Like any taste of God, it leaves me hungering for more.” I read eagerly yet meditatively, being reminded of my own moments of sheer delight in God and God’s presence.


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