All Work And No Rest

I’ll never forget driving from Massachusetts to Iowa to return my car to the college I was attending (in the mid-70’s), and then hopping on a plane to connect with four of my buddies in Montana to drive to our friend’s wedding in northwest Washington...

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Pardon Our Dust

You may have noticed a time lag on some of the information on our website. We’re in the middle of a major upgrade to the Conversations website, which will make subscribing, finding articles and issues, and other functions easier and more beautiful. Please pardon...

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We Repair Our Image Of God

Spiritual direction is a place where we are supported as we mature in the ways we relate to God so that trust, intimacy and holiness characterize our life in him. Sometimes it is tempting to relate to an image of God that is the product of our imagination or personal...

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We Experience Confession And Freedom

A spiritual direction session is to be graced with a hospitable freedom to share whatever is on one’s heart or mind. When a trusting relationship between director and directee is established, there may come a time when a directee needs to confess a sin or sinful...

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We Grow In Learning To Pray

A desire to pray emerges in the person who has taken God to heart. This is not a static longing, but one that deepens as the relationship matures. While it may be commendable to start out saying one’s prayers, grace allows a time to come when the longing to relate to...

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