Listening To People In Pain

Listening To People In Pain

Issues of mental illness and suicide have been in the news recently—both locally and nationally. While the Gospel offers much life to those struggling, it is often those who purport to carry the Good News who do the most damage to those who are suffering. In that...

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Experience Refreshing Rest

Sabbath rest. As a commandment, it’s one of the top 10. And as an invitation, it gives us a foretaste of our inheritance in the life to come. As Marva Dawn has richly explored in her work Keeping the Sabbath Wholly, there are biblical rhythms to Sabbath: we cease from...

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Jesus Lord of the Sabbath

“The Son of Man is Lord of the Sabbath!” (Matt 12:8). This declaration comes from Jesus on the occasion of his disciples failing to observe Jewish rules about Sabbath keeping. Not the only time there was tension around the doings of Jesus and his disciples on the...

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Sabbath: Finding Your True Self

Often I feel that stopping for Sabbath is imprudent, even impossible. I flippantly give mental assent to Sunday being a “day off.” Growing up in a predominantly Christian area, stores were closed, life slowed down. However, it was merely the cultural norm. The slowing...

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