Jesus Lord of the Sabbath

“The Son of Man is Lord of the Sabbath!” (Matt 12:8). This declaration comes from Jesus on the occasion of his disciples failing to observe Jewish rules about Sabbath keeping. Not the only time there was tension around the doings of Jesus and his disciples on the Sabbath, it becomes the moment of a bewildering claim by which Jesus asserts his identity as Sovereign Lord and Creator! His opponents have inserted themselves into Jesus’ ministry as those in charge of enforcing Jewish Sabbath rules. Yet Jesus stands among them as the very Lord of the Sabbath. He remonstrates with them in relative small talk, stating that Israel’s leaders, didn’t keep their rules. Hadn’t they noticed?! And this, while the simply astounding claim to His dominion of the Sabbath passes them by undetected!


We Grow In Learning To Pray

A desire to pray emerges in the person who has taken God to heart. This is not a static longing, but one that deepens as the relationship matures. While it may be commendable to start out saying one’s prayers, grace allows a time to come when the longing to relate to God makes what began as sincere prayer seem inadequate for the increasing desire to relate to God more deeply.


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