I was one of the “business guys” in the first Renovare cohort. It would be easy to be intimidated and feel out of place around so many industry professionals, amazing faculty, and the king of them all Dallas Willard. But Dallas made me feel like I belonged.

Then during our time together when I struggled with, “should I stay in business or should I move toward ministry,” Dallas gently pointed out that my vocational work was the ministry to which I was called. Dallas just said, “I know who you are Ken … keep doing what you’re doing.”

Dallas is a wonderful teacher, but I also learned that he is a good hummer. It’s a privilege to sit next to him and know that he is constantly singing and humming gospel music to himself. Who does that? It’s awesome and beautiful.
When we’re together in heaven I hope to hang around him more, because he knows all the words to the songs.

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Who in your life has offered you encouragement to be who you are?

Have you ever experienced or witnessed Dallas singing or humming when you’ve been around?

Ken Jennings:
Ken Jennings, PhD, is a trusted business advisor in strategy execution and leadership with purpose. He co- founded ThirdRiver Partners, a consultancy specializing in helping leaders and their teams.
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