Since the early church fathers and mothers, nature has been considered the “second book” by which we can see and know our good and loving God. Scripture, the “first book,” is God’s clearest and nearest revelation to us. But, if we watch and listen attentively, we can learn of God through His Creation.

For the month of July, we’ve asked our bloggers to consider that Second Book, and how their relationship to it has shaped their formation and their relationship with God. When we set this topic, nearly seven months ago now, we had no way of knowing what a tumultuous time many in the United States have experience with heat waves, power outages, storms and raging forest fires. Creation is indeed groaning, and we groan along with it.

As I mentioned here, I and my family evacuated our house because of the fires last week. We are grateful to have returned home to very little damage, but we are less than 1,800 feet from the nearest damaged structure, and so close to the 346 families who have lost their homes completely. As you may imagine, I was a bit distracted last week by these events. A few wonderful posts by some very talented bloggers got missed in the melee. So we’ll be taking this first week of July to post a few more entries on the topic of how music has formed our souls as well. I suspect the two topics will play together better than we could have planned.

So, let’s open this book together this month. From the glory of waterfalls to the grandeur of mountains, from the detail of the tiniest flower to the intricacies of a spider web, from the power of hurricanes to the heat of fires, from the cycle of the seasons to the consistency of the skies, let’s read of God’s power, glory, goodness and grace—even when it seems hidden or lost.

I invite you, join the conversation this month.

Tara Owens:

Tara M. Owens is the senior editor of Conversations Journal. A certified    spiritual director with Anam Cara Ministries (, she practices in Colorado and around the world. She is profoundly grateful to do ministry and life with her husband and best friend, Bryan. She is working on an upcoming book from InterVarsity Press on spirituality and the body. If you’d like to continue the conversation with Tara, she can be reached at or you can follower her on Twitter at t_owens.

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