I was reading a Psalm on our deck early one Sunday morning when I heard a buzzing sound over my head. Since I am seriously allergic to insect stings, I nervously looked up to see where a bee might be planning an attack on not only my tranquility, but also my immune system. To my surprise and delight the source of the tiny vibration was not a bee but a humming bird poised to alight on some flowers a few feet away.

While I was transfixed in watching the humming bird silhouetted against the sky I then saw a bald eagle fly by several hundred feet up in the air with its white head reflecting the sun’s rays – and for one magnificent moment there was the eagle and the humming bird flying in a visual tandem. I could hardly believe the thrilling beauty of these two birds juxtaposed together in my glance at the sky.

The moment was over quickly but I could not help myself from spontaneously praising God for his diverse and creative genius. These birds reminded me of both the intimate delicateness as well as the majestic power of God’s creation. He cares about the smallest detail as well as the grandest perspective. It was a beautiful dynamic expression of God’s greatness and grace.

But more than just being an observer I felt I was being included in God’s divine activity that day. I felt his touch of care and love and that my unique experience was a gracious gift to me from the Creator of the universe. It was like he was saying to me “I thought you would like this!”

As I went back to the Psalm I did so with a fresh amazement of the one who communicates to us so abundantly through the physical nature of his works as well as through the spiritual nurture of his Word. The birds and the bees and the Psalms all spoke to me in a beautiful voiceless synergy.

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Are there any specific creatures in nature that really communicate God’s love and creativeness to you?

When was the last time you really stood/sat in awe of God’s creation?

Bob Fryling:
Bob Fryling is Publisher of InterVarsity Press and has recently written The Leadership Ellipse: Shaping How You Lead by who You Are. (IVP)
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