Finders Keepers

Some people collect stamps:
rare, colorful and old;
or coins from countries,
small and large;
or watches to wear
a new old one every day.

I collect sunrises
sought by rising early,
tiptoeing out to my front garden chair,
or walking to the bus stop bench
where the street has cleared a swatch
of eastern sky within the city,
or hauling blanket wrap
to vacation’s lakefront edge,
or weaving through night woods
to sit on Australia’s Jarvis beach,
or requesting a hotel’s eastern room
(most front desk clerks don’t know which
way  is east and have not been asked before).

Wherever I have trekked,
I sit quietly waiting
for black to turn
to blue then white
all before the sun glides up silently
and spreads its morning colored
fingers gently through the sky,

as clouds arrange and disperse
this day’s Tiffany design,
each one a rare specimen,
seen once and gone forever
except in my collector’s case,
carefully treasured
in my mind.

Anne Grizzle:
Anne Grizzle is an author, spiritual director, social worker and retreat leader who lives in Washington, DC. She offers training seminars and consultation on family of origin, conflict resolution, communication skills, family spirituality, and contemplative spirituality. Anne serves on the boards of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Leighton Ford Ministries and Amistad Mission. She is co-founder of chapters of Women of Vision in Houston and DC.
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