The Thorn Birds

Though my husband and I are not ones to ask about best new movie picks, we do have an extensive dvd collection of tried and true classics. We recently worked our way through The Thorn Birds, Colleen McCullough‘s tragic epic tale of a priest and the woman he loved, and it is still resonating in my soul.


The Shores of their Faith

There are few movies on the subject of faith that linger with me, inviting me to examine my assumptions about life with God, prodding me to consider my sins and the price paid for them. There are fewer still that inspire me to love God more deeply, to follow Christ more closely. In the past years, I can could them on one hand: Into Great Silence and Doubt are two that spring to mind. In the past month, I have added a third: Of Gods & Men.


Get Low

I’ll admit that whenever a movie touches a place deep within my soul my obsessive/compulsive tendency kicks into high gear.

If you’re catching my drift, then you won’t be too startled to hear me say, You absolutely must see “Get Low”!


Soothing The Soul

Since the age of 12 when my grandmother introduced me to the outlandish and extravagant 1958 film, Auntie Mame, I have been an avid lover of film and television classics. In fact, I have often remarked jokingly to family and friends that I was born in the wrong century, for my preferences, mannerisms, and demeanor tend decidedly toward the old-fashioned.


Doing The Right Thing

A few weeks ago I watched “The Dilemma” on a cross-country flight. I don’t want to say too much about the movie, so here’s a synopsis from the official website:

“Vince Vaughn and Kevin James headline an all-star comedy from director Ron Howard. Ronny’s (Vaughn) world is turned upside down when he inadvertently sees something he should not have, and makes it his mission to get answers. As the amateur investigation dissolves his world into comic mayhem, he learns that his best friend Nick (James) has a few secrets of his own. Now, Ronny must decide what will happen if he reveals the truth.”


What I’m Not Watching

Uh . . . it’s not viewing that is forming my soul. I gave up watching television several years ago, sort of by accident. I was already upset by how I woke up every morning thinking about murder after watching reruns of Law and Order. I’d also had a spiritual director for ten years who didn’t watch television. He had a sense of peace I needed.


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