Who We Are


The purpose of Conversations is to provide spiritual accompaniment and honest dialogue for those who long for radical transformation in Christ. It stimulates hunger and illuminates the path by drawing on classical wisdom and practice, exploring the vital role of community, and illustrating the journey with realism and hope.
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Founding Executive Editors

David G. Benner, Richmont Graduate University

Larry Crabb, New Way Ministries

Gary W. Moon, Dallas Willard Center for Christian Spiritual Formation

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Editorial Consultants

Richard Foster, Renovaré

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Senior Editor

Tara M. Owens, Anam Cara Ministries

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Managing Editor

Joannah M. Sadler

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Section Editors

Alan Fadling, The Leadership Institute

Jan Johnson, Writer/Spiritual Director

Cindy Bunch, Formatio Books, InterVarsity Press

Cynthia Bezek, Let’s Talk

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Copy Editors

Paul Smith

Claire Vandervelde

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Matt Rhodes, FoxFire Creative

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Editorial Assistants

Holland Cox

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Matt Rhodes, FoxFire Creative

Tara Owens

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Publication Board

Stan Bakke, Attorney/Investment Banker

Karl Bruce, Spiritual Formation Forum

John E. Eames, Eames Literary Services

Leland Eliason, Bethel Theological Seminary

Bob Fryling, InterVarsity Press

Henry Henegar, Chattanooga Christian Community Foundation

Patty Martin, Wellspring

Robert G. “Bob” Rodgers, Richmont Graduate University

Paul L. Walker, Church of God

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Editorial Board

Donald S. Aultman, Church of God Division of Education

Jeannette Bakke, Spiritual Director

Carla Barnhill, Writer/Editor

Juliet Benner, Spiritual Director

Kenneth Boa, Reflections Ministries

Carla Dahl, Bethel Theological Seminary

Larry Donnithorne, Colorado Christian University

Alice Fryling, Spiritual Director

Wes Gardner, Kiokee Baptist Church

Winston Gooden, Fuller Theological Seminary

Margaret Guenther, The General Theological Seminary

Pam Guneratnam, Calvary Life Ministries

Anne Grizzle, Spiritual Director/Author

Mary Lynn Hendrickson, Writer/Editor

James Houston, Regent College

Trevor A. Hudson, Methodist Church of Southern Africa

Simon Yiu Chen Lee, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Gordon MacDonald, Leadership Journal

Lavonne Neff, Author/Editor

John Ortberg, Menlo Park Presbyterian Church

Father F. Gregory Rogers, Saint Catherine’s Orthodox Church

John Shultz, Ashland Theological Seminary

Robert Solomon, The Methodist Church of Singapore

Siang-Yang Tan, Fuller Theological Seminary

John David Walt, Asbury Theological Seminary

Terry Wardle, Ashland Theological Seminary

Kai-Wai Yan, Chinese Mission Seminary

Cam Yates, Carey Theological Seminary

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