The Middle Matters

I’ve been exercising my creative side and I have been amazed at what my art has been revealing to me about me. Now, I’m not trained in art but I’m involved with The Art Project Houston and we are bringing the power of creativity to the homeless community in our city. So I’m along for the ride!

One of the experiences that I participated in invited us to take a pencil and to make a scribble on the page and to stop where we had begun. Well I had loops and curves and all of this had been a continuous motion and then I stopped at the very dot that had initiated my beginning.  We were asked to look closely at our creations to see if anything seemed to “speak” to us or stand out and to use various colored pencils of our choosing to shade only the areas that made a statement. Right in the middle of this creative gobble-de-gook was a meaningful design. It spoke volumes to where I am in my life.


After some reflection on my “art” a message came to my conscious very clearly. “Enjoy the journey—the middle matters!”

I had no idea that my art would reveal my heart. In a few days, I’ll turn 50 and in so many ways the message in all my “creations” is resonating that the middle matters. I have lived life at a pretty fast clip. I am really recently learning the real beauty of paying attention to the middle or for that matter any place that is not decidedly the beginning or the end. I’m struggling to enjoy the middle, the steps in between the introduction and the conclusion have never been the focus of my attention. I’m learning to trust and not to control. That’s really one of the messages of the middle just trusting that all things really do work together for good and not wishing and hoping the middle away. Learning how to be and enjoy the scenery. I realized that my goal focused past never focused on the joy of getting there just getting there. I’m paying close attention because it just keeps coming up, the middle matters!

Love ya and there’s nothing you can do about it!


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How has something that you’ve created spoken God’s truth and love back to you, recently?



Juanita Campbell Rasmus:
Juanita Rasmus Conversations JournalJuanita Campbell Rasmus is an inspirational speaker, motivational teacher, author, and founding board member of the Bread of Life Homeless Project. Juanita and her husband Rudy co-pastor Saint John’s United Methodist Church in Houston, Texas.
    • Florence

      What an awesome thought, and insightfull article. I think that we
      could all benefit from being more focused on the “middle” times of our life! Your article is evidence of the “wisdom” God’s grace and the almost 50 years of living has awarded you!

      I love you too and there really isn’t a thing that you can do about it!!!!!!

    • KEM

      The joy of reading your words of wisdom as always leave me in awe of your journey and the thankfulness for every step you take. I was quickly reminded of the “dash” when someone dies and they have a beginning date (birth), a dash, and then an end date (death). The dash represents the “middle” all we have done in our lives. Thank you for sharing as always, see you Saturday, and continue to enjoy your time in the middle, it’s your best life now!
      I love you back and there is nothing you can do to change that.