The purpose of Conversations is to provide spiritual accompaniment and honest dialogue for those who long for radical transformation in Christ. It stimulates hunger and illuminates the path by drawing on classical wisdom and practice, exploring the vital role of community, and illustrating the journey with realism and hope.

Conversations is published twice annually
in the spring and the fall.

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Where in the World is God?

I have been praying for the Persecuted Church for over 30 years. I receive prayer points from several organizations working to bring the light of Christ to areas where the Church is the bruised reed and dimly burning wick of Isaiah 42:3. Over the years, I have heard...

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Jesus Lord of the Sabbath

“The Son of Man is Lord of the Sabbath!” (Matt 12:8). This declaration comes from Jesus on the occasion of his disciples failing to observe Jewish rules about Sabbath keeping. Not the only time there was tension around the doings of Jesus and his disciples on the...

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Acceptance: Then What?

I recently blogged about accepting people as they are. I received many appreciative emails, especially about this line: Expectations are the early stages of resentment. I also received some good questions. Here are my responses. But isn’t it sometimes good to confront...

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Experience Refreshing Rest

Sabbath rest. As a commandment, it’s one of the top 10. And as an invitation, it gives us a foretaste of our inheritance in the life to come. As Marva Dawn has richly explored in her work Keeping the Sabbath Wholly, there are biblical rhythms to Sabbath: we cease from...

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Faith and Tribalism

If one could point to a distressing pendulum swing in our culture, deadly to spiritual growth, it would be the meteoric rise of tribalism. It’s a kind of mob mentality that is more interested in self-preservation than actual family expansion. It is the pursuit of...

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Listening To People In Pain

Issues of mental illness and suicide have been in the news recently—both locally and nationally. While the Gospel offers much life to those struggling, it is often those who purport to carry the Good News who do the most damage to those who are suffering. In that...

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A large part of the vision for Conversations is the image of a table where representatives from each of the major tributaries of Christian spirituality can sit and talk openly and honestly about what matters most, authentic transformation into the life and character of Christ.

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